domingo, 2 de dezembro de 2007

Ocean Colour Scene - Live at Royal Albert Hall (1997)

Upload feito pela Rafa, de um grande show do Ocean Colour Scene, de ótima qualidade e com participações especiais de Noel Gallagher e Paul Weller em duas músicas.

1. The Riverboat Song
2. Green Onions
3. You've Got It Bad
4. The Circle
5. Traveller's Tune
6. Lining Your Pockets
7. The Riverboat Song
8. 40 Past Midnight
9. Debris Road
10. One For The Road
11. The Day We Caught The Train
12. Get Away
13. Robin Hood
14. I Wanna Stay Alive With You
15. The Poacher (with Paul Weller and Noel Gallagher)
16. Day Tripper (with Paul Weller)
17. Song of a Baker

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Há dois vídeos no youtube:

The Poacher

Day Tripper