domingo, 10 de maio de 2009

Oasis Live Citibank Hall, Rio de Janeiro, 07.05.2009

Fantástico show realizado no Citibank Hall, no Rio de Janeiro, em 07/05/2009. Noel afirmou em seu blog que a galera do Rio foi a mais animada até agora. É isso aí, parabéns, Rio!


  1. Fuckin' In The Bushes
  2. Rock 'n' Roll Star
  3. Lyla
  4. The Shock Of The Lightning
  5. Cigarettes & Alcohol
  6. The Meaning Of Soul
  7. To Be Where There's Life
  8. Waiting For The Rapture
  9. The Masterplan
  10. Songbird
  11. Slide Away
  12. Morning Glory
  13. Ain't Got Nothin'
  14. The Importance Of Being Idle
  15. I'm Outta Time
  16. Wonderwall
  17. Supersonic
  18. Don't Look Back In Anger
  19. Falling Down
  20. Champagne Supernova
  21. I Am The Walrus

Senha/Password: britpoint

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facu disse...

gracias cheers from argentina!!

Anônimo disse...

DL:- The Ultimate Acoustic Unplugged Collection’s

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4.Travis- Side 3:33 ^KCRW Session
5.Babyshambles- carry on up the morning 3:16 ^Originally recorded for Stookie & Bumfest, You Talk BS
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7.depeche mode- personal Jesus 3:25 *V.A. Compilation Source
8.the doves- there goes the fear 4:39 *…Calling DVD Video Rip
9.echo and the bunnymen- stormy weather 3:42 *KEXP Radio Session 2005
10.the fratellis- sing for the choir 3:31 *V Festival Backstage-Virgin Radio Video-Webcast rip 2006
11.ian brown with noel Gallagher- keep what ya' got 3:44 *XFM Session 2004
12.idlewild- you held the world in your arms 2:32 *BS
13.james- she's a star 4:26 *XFM 2007 or Manchester Cloud Radio Broadcast or Radio6 Session 07’
14.the Jesus and Mary chain- taste of Cindy 1:58 *BS
15.kasabian- processed beats 2:44 *Live Lounge Session 2004
16.liam Gallagher/oasis- whatever 4:11 *MTV 1994?
17.the pixies- wave of mutilation 2:46 *Newport Folk Festival 2004
18.r.e.m.- half the world away 3:24 *Live Mountain Stage 1991
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2.coldplay -shiver 4:21 *Live Lounge Session BBC
3.ash -shining light 4:08 *XFM Session 2005
4.the beatles- ob-la-di, ob-la-da 2:46 *Version. Take
5.bernard sumner with the doves- bizarre love triangle 2:49 *Radio6 Session 2003
6.brett anderson- love is dead 3:00 *XFM Webcast Studio Session 2006
7.cast- live the dream 3:16 *BS
8.dodgy-staying out for the summer 3:10 *Live TV Performance
9.dirty pretty things- bang bang you're dead 3:31 *Live London Koko 2006
10.frank black- this is where i belong 2:11 *199? Radio Session
11.franz ferdinand- walkaway 3:34 *BS
12.johnny marr- down on the corner 4:04 *KEXP USA Session 2005
13.john squire- i miss you 3:38 *BS
14.manic steet preachers- you stole the sun 3:55 *V Festival Backstage-Virgin Radio Video-Webcast rip 2006
15.noel gallagher/oasis- don't look back in anger 3:51 *BBC Session 199?
16.richard ashcroft- break the night with colour 4:32 *XFM Session 2006
17.radiohead- high and dry 4:26 *Radio Session
18.the doors- hyacinth house 2:27 *Home Demo
19.the thrills- big sur 3:07 *KEXP USA Radio Session
20.the twang- two lovers 3:36 *Radio2 BBC Session 2007

Montanha™ disse...

Esse show ruleia

mais sobre ele em...


Mari disse...

Vocês não têm como disponibilizar o download da transmissão que o Multishow fez deste show? Ficaria enormemente grata.

Cássio disse...

Mari, temos sim. Só nos falta tempo para isto... Tentarei fazer isto neste final de semana, ok?

Mari disse...

Ok, Cássio. Espero pelo post, e obrigada.

Pedro disse...

obrigado pelo arquivo.

fico esperando o download da transmissão também.

guardar o melhor show pra sempre aqui!